Day 3

The weather has been getting colder and colder with the temperature dropping to -2 this morning, and there was a significant amount of frost we saw blanketing the countryside along the way to Sir John Lawes School.  Although it has yet to snow, all of us were fascinated by the sight as it is something that we never experience in Singapore, (and I have to admit, we were rather excited by it).  The thin layer of white frost on the green grass seemed almost surreal, and the dark red of  some flowers and berries that were still  surviving the cold stood boldly in contrast.


It was our second day at Sir John Lawes and today the most memorable class that I attended was undoubtedly the Design and Technology class. The facilities of the Design and Technology classroom were impressive, ranging from wood cutting tools to a furnace to a laser printer. The teacher – Mr Maydom – was very patient and kind to the Singaporean students attending the class.



The Design and Technology class for year 12 students surprisingly had a small enrolment of only 2 students so we had the opportunity to work on our very own designs using a 2-dimmensional programme on the computer, and transfer them to the laser printer to be printed. We put on our thinking caps and tried our best in coming out with the designs, and they ranged from snowflakes to an outline of the Big Ben, which we had visited on our first day in London. Once we had our designs laser printed, we would proceed on to the furnace room, where we got to melt a piece of metal and pour the melted liquid into a mould containing our laser printed designs.  The teacher was very detailed in his explanation of the process from the relation of the design to the viscosity of the melted liquid to the formation of air bubbles in the process.  We had much fun there as we made our designs – most of them turned out very nicely and we now have a memento that we can keep in memory of the lesson and our trip.







After exchanging gifts with our buddies at Sir John Lawes School and bidding them farewell, we proceeded on to the Barbican Centre tom watch King Lear. Before the show began, we had the opportunity to dine at Wood Street Bistro located near the theatre. We were served appetizing dishes such as risotto and bacon and cheese burgers all which we enjoyed greatly. What made our mouths water even more was the desserts served there. The chocolate brownies were a great combination with the vanilla ice cream and the sticky toffee pudding served at the restaurant was a special dessert that we would all remember.



Apart from the glistening costumes and the passion of the actors who performed King Lear for us, what caught our attention was the performance culture and etiquette of the audience. It was a pleasant surprise for us that the play was appreciated not only by the adults but also young people who were around our age.  Furthermore, the efficiency of the audience and the theatre left us Singaporean students in awe, as during the intermission, there was no form of announcement with regards to the duration of the break, but everyone efficiently returned in time, and as the door swiftly closed behind us, the play started immediately.

It had been a long day but satisfying day but we are all looking forward to what lies ahead.

-Kim Yoon Young

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