Dineshram S/O Sukumar



“The visit to Sir John Lawes School is the definite focal point of the trip for me. It is the main reason I applied to come on the trip as I have always wondered what student life was like in Britain. Now I have been given the chance to experience it if only for a couple of days. Hopefully this will help broaden my understanding of what education should be, and give me something to compare my own education against. As an enthusiastic history student, the visits to Bletchley Park and the Imperial War Museum are of great interest – I wish to see first-hand the history I learn about in books, and in the process gain greater insight into the European Theatre for WWII, which has been an area of interest for me. The main takeaway I wish to have is a better appreciation for the arts. As an arts student, it is easy to simply memorise content and regurgitate that for the exams. However, it is much harder to apply the content of my notes and make it come alive. Hopefully the trip will provide me with an avenue to do precisely that.”