Lu Thuc Phuong Anh


“The Cultural Immersion Trip to London appealed to me because of the wide range of activities and learning that I will be exposed to, from humanities subjects like history and literature to math and science. This is especially attractive to me because despite being an Arts student, I also have a great interest in Science. Thus I am very excited about the cross-disciplinary learning experience of the trip. Having been interested and involved in drama since a young age, I am looking forward to attending and experiencing an authentic British theatre experience at the Globe. The visit to Bletchley Park will also be a really memorable experience for me as it is not only a historic site but I will also be able to learn more about coding and computing, and thus understand more about the Science behind what we see in our daily lives. Of course I am also hoping to learn about the culture of London and Britain. I am interested in a career in tourism which requires great understanding of cultures around the world – this trip will be a great enrichment. In addition, I hope to improve my communication and team work skills, as working together with my group is an essential component of the trip. I feel I am embarking on a meaningful and memorable learning journey that I would not want to miss!”