Theodora Leow



“I signed up for this trip hoping to set foot in a country beyond Southeast Asia for the first time, to explore a place I had only previously read about in books, and most importantly, to learn as much as I can and broaden my perspective.

As a literature, art and economics student, I believe this trip has a lot in store for me. I am especially looking forward to visiting the museums, as I have a passionate interest in art and culture. This ‘Cultural Immersion’ will allow me to finally experience what a Londoner’s life might be like, even if for only a few days.  Even while writing this, my imagination is running wild with expectations of the trip. So…to put it simply, I expect to not only gain useful knowledge for my studies, but also to learn skills (as I already am learning throughout the pre-trip preparation) that will make me a better student, friend and person. The day is drawing near, and I simply cannot wait to embark on this short and (hopefully) sweet trip to London.”